The Warriner Multi Academy Trust
Registered in England & Wales Company No. 9696059

Vision & Values

Every parent wants the best for their child.

So do we - and we believe the best way to achieve that is by our schools working together as part of the Warriner Multi-Academy Trust


That way, we can:

  • share what we do well across all our schools
  • support each other when it is needed
  • ensure a seamless transition for pupils between primary and secondary school
  • share teachers between schools, giving them valuable experience of teaching pupils of different ages

Our Vision

To set up a family of likeminded local schools who collaborate in order to share what we do well so that all our children receive the very best education.

  • All schools to be good or better or on a programme of rapid improvement toward this
  • All schools to retain what makes them unique whilst still making a distinctive contribution to the MAT
  • The work of the MAT to have a sustained impact upon the progress and outcomes of all our students

Our Values

Excellence - doing the right things for the right reasons

Collaboration - working together for the benefit of all our children

Trust - sharing our challenges so that we can support each other to improve

Our Behaviours

The following leadership behaviours are modelled by all our staff:


Our Strategy

To deliver this vision, we need to ensure that we:

  • Build capacity for school improvement by investing in the professional growth and development of all our staff
  • Recruit and retain outstanding leaders and classroom practitioners
  • Recruit and retain a central services team of professionals
  • Develop a clear and sustainable model for growth
  • Develop a sustainable and flexible financial model
  • Have a clear rationale for future schools joining the MAT


  •  Track Record

We have a proven track record of working effectively with all of our schools. This has been formally recognised by the Regional Schools Commissioner who has invited us to showcase our successes at his regional conferences and the DfE who included our MAT in their best practice document published in December 2016 in recognition of our support of smaller primary schools. The MAT leadership team have worked diligently to ensure the very highest standards are achieved by all our students. This relentless focus upon best practice in teaching and learning began well before the formal conversion date. As a result of this collaboration, all schools within the MAT performed continue to perform well above floor and coasting standards and one was placed in the top 1% of schools for its outcomes in 2016.

The secondary school is one of the top performing secondary schools in the area. In 2015 The Warriner School was placed in the top 100 of schools nationally for sustained improvement and in 2016 was chosen as one of twelve schools to take part in the national parliamentary review of education. There have been year on year improvements for the last four years with 2016 seeing a further rise to 70% A*-C (Inc. En & Ma) and in 2017 our progress measures have increase again. There is strong parental demand for places within the existing MAT with the secondary school being over-subscribed by more than sixty pupils each year, with parents having to appeal for places in Year 7.

Our Academy model of working is viewed very favorably by both the DfE and Regional Schools Commissioner. They have scrutinised our growth plans and as a result have granted us sponsor status.