The Warriner Multi Academy Trust
Registered in England & Wales Company No. 9696059

Vision & Values

Every parent wants the best for their child.

So do we - and we believe the best way to achieve that is by our schools working together as part of the Warriner Multi-Academy Trust


That way, we can:

  • share what we do well across all our schools
  • support each other when it is needed
  • ensure a seamless transition for pupils between primary and secondary school
  • share teachers between schools, giving them valuable experience of teaching pupils of different ages

Our Vision

To set up a family of likeminded local schools who collaborate in order to share what we do well so that all our children receive the very best education.

  • All schools to be good or better or on a programme of rapid improvement toward this
  • All schools to retain what makes them unique whilst still making a distinctive contribution to the MAT
  • The work of the MAT to have a sustained impact upon the progress and outcomes of all our students

Our Values

Excellence - doing the right things for the right reasons

Collaboration - working together for the benefit of all our children

Trust - sharing our challenges so that we can support each other to improve

Our Behaviours

The following leadership behaviours are modelled by all our staff:


Our Strategy

 To deliver this vision, we need to ensure that we:

Build capacity for school improvement by investing in the professional growth and development of all our staff

Recruit and retain outstanding leaders and classroom practitioners

Recruit and retain a central services team of professionals

Develop a clear and sustainable model for growth

Develop a sustainable and flexible financial model

Have a clear rationale for future schools joining the MAT