The Warriner Multi Academy Trust
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Our Track Record

Our track record

We have a proven track record of working effectively with all of our schools. The MAT leadership team have worked diligently to ensure the very highest standards are achieved by all our students. This relentless focus upon best practise in teaching and learning began well before the formal conversion date. As a result of this collaboration, all schools within the MAT continue to perform well above floor and coasting standards and 1 has been placed in the top 1% of schools for its outcomes in 2016.

The secondary school is one of the top performing secondary schools in the area. In 2015 The Warriner School was placed in the top 100 of schools nationally for sustained improvement and in 2016 was chosen as one of 12 schools to take part in the national parliamentary review of education. There is strong parental demand for places within the existing MAT with the secondary school being over-subscribed by more than 60 pupils each year, with parents having to appeal for places in Year 7. In 2016, despite increasing the PAN from 228 to 256, we have 453 applications for these 256 places. We are by far the most oversubscribed secondary school in the local area.

All schools have been judged Good by Ofsted with the exception of Hornton which is RI but had a Good Judgement for Leadership and Management in recognition of the work of the MAT leadership team. Since this inspection, the progress made by the children has improved significantly and feedback from a HMI in 2015 strongly supported our view that any inspection now would result in a judgement of good. In January 2016 a mock inspection undertaken by a trained inspector ratified these judgements of at least good. The MAT has been showcased at the RSC conference in June 2016 and again with the DfE publication MATs- good practice guidance and expectations for growth.

Significant numbers of children from within Banbury feed into all our schools already so we have extensive experience of meeting the often complex needs of the children from the range of demographics within the town.

We have already generated significant economies of scale through the centralisation of key services. By bulk procurement and renegotiating a number of contracts including energy, insurance, licencing etc. for our MAT schools we have already made savings that equate to 13% overall. These funds are being used to support teaching and learning in our schools and longer term will be used to ensure financial sustainability.