The Warriner Multi Academy Trust
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Central Services

Central Services

Our central services team delivers key non-teaching operations for the MAT and is working towards assuring consistent working practices and best value. Centralised services include:

Financial management

Centralised purchasing


HR and legal services

Facilities management including H&S


Policies and protocols

ICT support

The interim structure has been developed to meet current needs across the MAT and is as follows:


This structure will evolve as further schools join the MAT. The nature of this change will depend upon the skills within each new school and their individual needs. We will always seek to develop the skills of existing internal staff as part of our commitment to succession planning and career opportunities. 

Financial Model

The growth of the MAT will only be achieved if financial models are equally flexible and sustainable. The original vision for the MAT was to remove the burden of central services from Headteachers so that they can focus upon teaching and learning and school improvement. Successful MATS of five or more schools have to have finance structures based upon a model of delegation of % of the overall MAT budget. The retained funds need to be able to support central services, school improvement, specialist appointments, curriculum development and growth. In the current model all schools receive an Educational Services Grant which is retained by Central Services.  The value of this grant has been decreasing year on year and so is not sustainable. Going forward, in order to deliver high quality services to our MAT schools we need to delegate up to 96 -97% of the combined schools budgets.